Flat Rate Websites

Below you will find our flat rate web design and development fees.

Flat Rate Websites

Our flat rate website prices:

Website Rentals Starting at $60/mo

A 6 month minimum commitment required, buy-out optional.

Website rentals starting at $60/mo

A 6 month minimum commitment requirement required, buy-out optional.


We automatically host your new rental website for you. All costs are already included in your monthly rental fee.


We can use your existing domain name or we can also assist you with the process of purchasing a new domain name.


A minimum of a 6 month commitment is required for rentals but you can cancel at anytime for a $100 cancellation fee.


We also include to set up new email accounts with your new or existing domain name. A total of up to 5 email accounts.

Save $$

Refer a friend to rent or sign up for a 12 month commitment and save yourself $10 a month on your website rental. 


We have a huge selection of pre-made layouts and we will customize your website to fit your needs, look/style and your brand.


All website work is charged at $55/hr. If you are renting a website, changes and edits are discounted to only $35/hr.


You have complete access to your website and login. Using WordPress makes it easy to do updates or any other changes yourself!

Buy Out

You always have the option of buying out of your rental and owning your website. Pricing varies: $100 – $850 


If you are a non-profit company or a church, we try to work with budgets as much as we possibly can. Contact us for details.

Getting Started

–  Pick a monthly plan

–  Pick a template/layout

–  Fill out Wire-frame Form

–  Pay your first month fee 

Design and Editing

–  Send over website content

–  Design each page as you go 

–  Edit and make any changes

–  Unlimited edits till approval

Approval and Launch

–  Review and test your website

–  Make last minute changes

–  Approve each page as you go

–  Launch your official new website 

Let's get started!